100 Percent Productions was formed in 2009. Photography, illustration and visual effects are combined with the power of music and sound effects to create a sensory experience that transports the viewer into unexpected places. All of the accompanying music was created by me.

Lyric music video. Using archival movie footage, I manipulated the lyrics to match the movement from the old commercials.

A collaboration with my sister, a registered nurse, who invented a two spigot faucet for hospital and clinic use.

My animation clips from the 2015 documentary feature "Cowspiracy".

My animation clips from the 2017 documentary feature "What The Health".

A promotional video for a book written by a Bay Area private detective.

Horror movie trailer for a movie that doesn't exist.

I created a back story to some time-lapse footage I shot of a building demolition on Van Ness in San Francisco.

Retro Rocket Ship Videos