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I am a freelance animator and photographer living in San Francisco. I enjoy complex projects that require innovative and creative solutions. Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to rise to challenges without hesitation. Strong communication skills and take directions very well but can also lead creative groups as necessary to achieve desired goals.


10 years of creating animation, videography, music and sound production.


~ After Effects CC, Premiere Pro CC, Audition CC, Cinema4D, Motion 5, Final Cut Pro - expert level

~ Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator - expert level user

~ Graphics: scene layouts, motion graphics, character animation, illustration, graphic design

~ Video: Cinematography, compositing, chroma key, editing, special effects, camera operation, lighting

~ Music Production: songwriting, timing music to visual actions, atmosphere music

~ Pre/ Post Production: storyboarding, character development, concept and story writing, voice over, visual effects, editing, audio, sound effects, sound asset creation


~ Video Producer and animator for book promotional ad "The Case of the Jealous Blind Man", 2016

~ Lead animator for unreleased documentary "What The Health", 2016

~ Animated music video for the musical group Sweet Divide, 2016

~ Lead animator for unreleased documentary "Ensouled", 2015

~ San Francisco Public Utilities graphics and animation projects, 2015

~ Lead animator for feature documentary "Cowspiracy”, 2014

~ Video Producer, animator for an internet information video San Francisco notary public , 2013

~ Freelance proprietor of animation and video production 100% PRODUCTIONS 2009-present


~ Mike Spencer, Private Detective, Spencer Investigations, Walnut Creek, CA

~ Perry Bleecker, Designer, Public Utilities Commission, San Francisco, CA

~ Animals United Movement, San Francisco, CA

~ First Spark Media, San Francisco, CA

~ Hale Mednick, documentary director, Portland, OR

~ Apostille Document Services, San Francisco, CA


University of California Santa Cruz - Bachelor Fine Arts