Uninterested in following a conventional path in the crowded world of art creation, it is vital to be original, perhaps to even have one's own work shrouded in riddles. In art, mystery will challenge the viewer and lead to their own inquisitiveness and discovery. To be fulfilling, a finished piece of art should never rely on what has previously succeeded but should strive to uncover the unknown. It is really then that the viewer feels the true satisfaction of being a part of that process of discovery.

The subject of all this work is not the objects seen, but rather the specter of light that surrounds all things. Great patience is taken in discovering unexpected arrangements of light... experimenting until certain that something magical is happening. The illusion of light can be dim and soft, as on a foggy day, or it can be blindingly bright, carving deep shadows, but it is necessary for there to be some inherently remarkable quality to what is being conjured.


~ January 2021~ In August of 2020 I decided to pick up where I left off on a story that I'd started 10 years

   ago. I finished writing in October 2020 and I am painstakingly turning it into a graphic novel. There's

   150 pages so this will take some time. 2 years or more. I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience.

~ July 2019~ Preparing to move from my apartment/studio of 29 years to the quiet town of Vallejo, CA.  

   Goodbye San Francisco, I doubt that you'll notice we've even left.

~ February 2019 ~ Increasing scale of mixed media collages up to 42 inches.

~ November 2018 ~  Exhibiting at Studio Gallery "tiny" show and large paintings at the Loggia Showroom.

~ August 2018 ~ Preparing for StartUp Small Works exhibit in September.

~ April 2018 ~ Reworking website to reflect current art-making priorities.

~ January 2018 ~ Increasing the scale of mixed media collage work, from 9 inches up to 20 inches.

~ September 2017 ~ Started moving away from digital work and back towards making abstract wall art.

~ July 2017 ~ Collaborated with my sister on animation for a faucet invention of hers.

~ December 2016 ~ Shooting a lot of video with a new 4K camera and 3 axis stabilizer.

~ October 2016 ~ Finished book promotion animated video for a private detective in the East Bay.

~ June 2016 ~ Finished 3 more months of animation for new film "What The Health"

~ January 2016 ~ Finished preparing for an exhibit of both abstract and realist paintings at the Sundance

   Kabuki Cinema at 1881 Post St. in San Francisco.

~ November 2015~ Completed "Jack Tar Down" a new animated music video set in the year 1960. It's my

   most complex video regarding 3D motion and musical arrangement.

~ September 2015~ Finished 4 months of animation and graphic work for a new full length documentary.


~ StartUp Art Fair "Small Works", 1599 Tennessee St., San Francisco, CA, Group Show 2018

~ Studio Gallery, 1641 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA, Group Show 2017, 2018

~ Sundance Kabuki Cinema, 1881 Post St., San Francisco, CA, Solo Painting Exhibit 2016

~ Molte Cose, 2044 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA , Photo Exhibit 2010-2013

~ Independent Film Channel, Online Exhibit, New York, N.Y., “Grand Prize Winner” 2010

~ Seed Gallery,  Thoreau Center, Building 1016, Presidio, San Francisco, CA 2010

~ Rare Device, 1845 Market Street, San Francisco, CA photo exhibit 2009

~ Rayko Photo Center, 428 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA  group photo 2008

~ Delessio, San Francisco, November-December, solo photo exhibit 2007

~ Preview Room, San Francisco, August-September, solo painting exhibit 2007

~ Gallery With Pretentious Sounding Name, San Francisco, group exhibit 2006

~ Gallery One, One Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA, group exhibit 2005

~ Lounge, San Francisco, CA, group exhibit 2005

~ Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco, CA, group exhibit 2001

~ Somar Gallery, San Francisco, CA, group exhibit, Open Studios 1991-1998

~ Images Gallery, San Francisco, CA, solo exhibit,1988

~ Marin Fine Arts Gallery, Kentfield, CA, "Best in Show Winners" 1988               

~ Palm Springs Gallery, Palm Springs, CA, solo exhibit 1988

~ Marin County Exposition and Fair, San Rafael, CA, group exhibit 1987

  "Best in Show" and "Best in Class" cash awards

~ Marin County Exposition and Fair, San Rafael, CA,, group exhibit 1985

~ Betts Collection Gallery, San Francisco, CA, group exhibit 1984-1987

~ Gallery 8, Pasadena, CA, solo exhibit 1983

~ William Sawyer Gallery, San Francisco, CA, group exhibit 1982-1984

~ Iris Too, Berkeley, CA, solo exhibit 1982

2010  GRAND PRIZE WINNER for the Independent Film Channel's annual photography contest. Cash award, photography equipment and an expenses paid trip to The 2011 Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California.

2013 Black and White Photography Show at Firehouse 8 in San Francisco.

2010 Photography Show at Seed Gallery, Thoreau Center in San Francisco.

2008 Photography Show at Rayko Center in San Francisco.

2007 Painting Exhibit at the Preview Room in San Francisco.

2007 Photography Exhibit at Delessio in San Francisco.

Exhibit of abstract and realist paintings at the Sundance Kabuki Cinema in San Francisco

"A Week of Nights" is the graphic novel that I started in August of 2020. It's the continuing story of Harold and Lucie that I had previously made three animated music videos about.